Hanging Baskets 2024 season

Handpicked by John

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Introducing Our Exquisite Hanging Basket: A Floral Masterpiece

Are you ready to elevate the beauty of your outdoor spaces? Look no further than our meticulously designed hanging basket. Bursting with life, color, and variety, this hanging basket is a true botanical marvel.

We have carefully crafted this hanging basket with a mix of 20 different plant varieties, each chosen for their vibrant colors and unique characteristics. From the classic elegance of geraniums to the delicate charm of fuchsias, from the cascading beauty of petunias to the enchanting allure of Lobelia, Bacopa and more, our basket showcases nature's finest creations.

What sets our hanging basket apart is the thoughtful combination of plants with different growth habits. We have carefully selected a mix of upright and trailing varieties, ensuring a lush and full floral display that will captivate all who see it. The blend of verbena and calibrachoa in an array of brilliant colors adds an extra touch of visual interest to the ensemble.

At our Farm, we take great pride in our designs, and this hanging basket is no exception. We have poured our creativity and expertise into every detail, ensuring a stunning display that will last all season long. With proper care and maintenance, our hanging basket will continue to enchant and delight, bringing joy and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

To ensure you don't miss out on this, we are now accepting pre-orders. The baskets will be ready for pickup or delivery from the end of April to early May, as soon as the last frost has passed. Don't wait too long, as demand is high and quantities are limited.

Transform your outdoor spaces into a haven of beauty with our vibrant hanging basket. Place your pre-order today and get ready to enjoy a season filled with unmatched floral splendor.

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