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Local, Organic Flowers.

In the heart of Liverpool

a local flower farm

Lakes & Rivers is a flower farm, located on the picturesque grounds of Pond House in Liverpool's Hale Village.

Founded by John, his mission is to reignite a passion for flowers that has lived on the farm since the 1970s. With meadow fields, a grand glass house, and water surrounding the farm, including the River Mersey, we continue the legacy of local farmers.

water is the source of life

The Lakes & Rivers flower farm name was born from our founder, John Gibbons’ passion for family. His beautiful nieces, Amaya-Lake and Ailidh-River, or as he always refers to them “two little slices of pure joy” gave him the inspiration for the name.

The location of the farm on the banks of the River Mersey sealed the deal. As John Gibbons’ mother would say, “water is the source of life.”

Our flowers are all grown under cover of our beautiful, glass house; a setting which has provided life to the sea of flowers before. We are proud to be a part of a legacy which we strive to build on and develop. Here at the farm, we have a great connection to it within our surroundings.

Quality seasonal blooms

We desire to bring quality seasonal blooms to flower lovers, local farmers markets, floral designers and pop up stands around the city of Liverpool and beyond. We pride ourselves, not only on our organic approach to growth but also on the variety and quality we can offer, over and above the larger producers.