Britain has the best climate for growing flowers in the world.


In 2016, just 10% of all cut flowers bought in the UK came from local suppliers. Even though Britain has the best climate for growing flowers in the world, around 90% of fresh flowers are still imported from Europe and further afield. The impact is felt by British flower growers directly, and non-native flower imports come at an even greater cost to the UK economy and the environment.

However, things are now starting to change. In 2020, more and more UK florists and conscientious consumers are seeking home-grown flowers. And, UK flower farms are on the rise. But, what is a flower farm?



Here we take a closer look at the local fresh flower industry, find out what goes on at a typical UK flower farm like Lakes & Rivers.

What is a Flower Farm?

A flower farm is a location dedicated to growing and breeding fresh flowers, sometimes referred to as ‘floriculture’. Beautiful British flowers are usually grown from seeds sown in a traditional glass house.

Once the seedlings are mature enough, they can be transferred to a flower meadow or walled garden where they can thrive and bloom.

The seedlings are planted carefully in flower beds to ensure they grow to their full potential. The growing process includes spacing, training, and pruning techniques, to promote the growth of flower buds and encourage every flower to grow into the desired shape.

Each season, crops of flowers, like tulips, summer annuals, and dahlias, are harvested by cutting the best flowers at the stem. These seasonal cut flowers are then treated, stored, preserved and packaged as necessary.

What Are Cut Flowers Used For?

Cut flowers grown on a flower farm are used to create stunning bouquets and beautiful floral arrangements. Lakes & Rivers Flower Farm supply wholesale cut flowers to farmer’s markets and local florists and floral designers in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, and across the north west region.

The Benefits of Choosing a UK Flower Farm

  • Choosing locally grown flowers is better for local business. Buying homegrown British fresh flowers helps to support independent farmers and business owners.
  • British grown flowers are special because they aren’t mass produced.
  • UK fresh flowers are greener. Because local flowers have less distance to travel, they help to cut down on transport emissions.
  • UK growers often aim to cultivate more characterful blooms that celebrate the individuality of each flower. Rustic looking blooms are a popular addition to bridal bouquets.
  • Flowers from further afield often have the stamen removed, which affects their fragrance. British fresh flowers tend to have more scent for flower lovers to appreciate.
  • UK flower farms also tend to be less aggressive with using chemicals to treat their blooms

A Flower Farm in Liverpool

From local Farmer’s Markets to flower arranging workshops, we supply fresh cut flowers for everyone to enjoy from our flower farm in Liverpool.

March 08, 2023 — John Gibbons