Garden of Love

Handpicked by John

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Introducing the Garden of Love, astunning floral arrangement that captures the essence of romance and elegance. With a beautiful combination of lilac and pink tones, this arrangement is a true celebration of love and beauty for your Valentines.

The Garden of Love features delicate and delightful roses, including the enchanting Lullaby and the timeless Memory Lane varieties. These roses add a touch of grace and sophistication to the arrangement, with their exquisite petals and captivating beauty.

To further enhance the visual appeal, our expert florists have added a mixture of luxury florals that perfectly complement the hues and textures of the roses. These additional flowers add depth and richness to the arrangement, creating a truly mesmerising display of nature's finest, a Garden in a bouquet.

Each Garden of Love arrangement is carefully handcrafted by our skilled florists, ensuring that every detail is perfect. The flowers are sourced from the finest growers, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness.

Bring the beauty of a blooming garden into your life with the Garden of Love. It is an exquisite expression of nature's beauty for Valentines.

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